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Black Friday shopping is a fight between retailers and consumers, with $52 billion at stake (2011 figure). As a consumer, how can you win on Black Friday? Here is a game plan we want to share with you.

1. Do NOT shop on Black Friday. Holiday savings start from Columbus Day and lasts well into January. Walmart, Kmart, Target and Best Buy all open Thanksgiving night before midnight, Kohl's, Disney store start their sales even a few day earlier. Don't limit yourself to Black Friday.

2. Get the door buster. If you really want to shop on BF, make sure you get the door buster, because that's where deals are. Retailers hope you along the way to throw a few other things into your cart, regardless you get the door buster or not, that's where the retailers win.

3. Shop online instead. Most retailers release their previews of Black Friday deals online earlier in November, check them out, and sign up for email alerts from your favorite retailers (and unsubscribe after the holiday). If you want to do it simple (and stay focused), just visit Amazon's Black Friday deals page, it sells anything you can think of, thanks to its unlimited online shelf space!

4. Pay attention to Price Match policy. Target and Best Buy have promised to match the prices of and during the holiday season. This is really good news, just make sure keep your receipts.

The bottom line: go after the door busters, know their locations inside the stores, study the Black Friday ads before your trip, and compare prices after you shop. Hope you win the Black Friday competition!

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