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2014黑色星期五購物全攻略 The 14 Best Deals of Black Friday 2014
隨着黑色星期五臨近,一衆節日購物者都正在磨拳擦掌,如果你也打算加入11月28日戰圈的話,就要預先做足準備。《美國新聞》(U.S News)列出以下從主要零售商挑選出來的14個最抵折扣,但要注意的是,大部分也是限量發售。

1. iPad mini 16GB──沃爾瑪(Walmart)
蘋果的産品總是熱門首選,今年當然也不例外。沃爾瑪將於感恩節的晚上6時,以199元出售原價219元的Wi-Fi版本iPad mini 16GB,再額外贈送30元的沃爾瑪禮品卡。更加吸引的是,沃爾瑪將有一小時保障政策,即只要你是在晚上6時至7時期間來到沃爾瑪,即使現場已經賣光,但仍有限量機會訂購併在聖誕節前送貨。

2. iPad Air 2──百思買(Best Buy)百思買將以折扣價出售蘋果最新型號的平板電腦,例如所有版本的iPad mini 3將會減價75元,即16GB版本只須324.99元;而iPad Air 2的話,更大減100元,即16GB版本只須399.99元。百思買將於感恩節下午5時開門,而網購也同樣享有折扣。

3. Xbox One──Target
Xbox One游戲機肯定是今年最搶手的産品之一,Target將以329.99元出售原價399.99元的500GB版本連《刺客教條:大革命》(Assassin’s Creed Unity)及《刺客教條:黑旗》(Black Flag)數據下載版本,再加上50元的Target禮品卡。Target將於感恩節晚上6時開門。

4.Panasonic 50吋LED高清電視──百思買
百思買推出不少大件家電的折扣,當中包括這款Panasonic的50吋Class LED高清電視,由原價的549.99元勁減至199.99元。雖然百思買於感恩節下午5時開門,但將於2小時之前開始派發産品門票。

5.三星Galaxy Tab 7.04──Kmart或Sam’s Club
Kmart今年將於感恩節早上6時開門,並以149.99元出售原價199.99元的三星Galaxy Tab 7.04;如果你是Kmart會員的話,將有額外20元購物點數。此外,以同樣價錢出售的Sam’s Club將於感恩節早上7時向會員開門,而且會員可以提前一天在網上購物。


We’ve rounded up 14 of the best Black Friday deals from major retailers.

1. iPad mini 16GB – Walmart
Apple products are always hot commodities, and this year is no exception. If you’re looking for an iPad mini 16GB with Wi-Fi, you’ll want to head to Wal-Mart at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving. The discount retailer will be selling the tablet for $199 (currently being sold for $219). Plus, you’ll get a free $30 Wal-Mart gift card with your purchase. This doorbuster deal is more appealing because of Wal-Mart’s one-hour guarantee policy. If you arrive at a Wal-Mart location between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., you’ll receive a limited opportunity to purchase the tablet and have it shipped to your store by Christmas, even if quantities sell out.

2. iPad Air 2 – Best Buy
On Black Friday, you may expect to see larger price cuts on last season’s products, but at Best Buy, you can grab the latest Apple tablet models at a bargain price. All sizes of the recently released iPad mini 3, for example, will be $75 off. For the 16GB version, that’s a sale price of $324.99. As for the iPad Air 2, Best Buy is cutting its price by $100. The 16GB version will be available for $399.99. Best Buy will open at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving, with deals available online as well.

3. Xbox One – Target
The Xbox One gaming console is sure to be one of the most sought after products this holiday season. You can snag the 500GB system – which will include Assassin’s Creed Unity and Black Flag digital downloads – for $329.99 (regularly $399.99) from Target. You’ll also receive a free $50 Target gift card with the purchase. Target locations are opening their doors at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

4. Panasonic 50-inch LED HDTV – Best Buy
When it comes to big-ticket Black Friday electronics, Best Buy has loads of deals. The Panasonic 50-inch Class LED HDTV, for example, will be available for just $199.99. This is a substantial discount, as the TV is currently on sale from Best Buy for $549.99. Best Buy’s doorbusters – including this product – will be available beginning at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving. The retailer will begin handing out tickets for products up to two hours before this time.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 – Kmart or Sam’s Club
Kmart is boasting a Thanksgiving morning doorbuster sale this year on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0. You can bring home the tablet for $149.99 (regularly $199.99) beginning at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving. Plus, if you’re a Kmart member, you’ll receive $20 back in points for your purchase. You can also pick up the tablet for the same low price at warehouse store Sam’s Club. The retailer’s in-store, members-only sale begins at 7 a.m. on Black Friday, but members can begin shopping online a day earlier.

6. Asus X205-TA Laptop – Staples
One item gaining attention this year is a $99.99 laptop (regularly $249.99) from office supply store Staples. The Windows laptop has an 11.6-inch screen, 2GB RAM and 32GB hard drive. This Asus X205-TA will only be available in-store, not online. Staples will open at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

7. Samsung Galaxy S5 – RadioShack
Is your phone ready for an upgrade? RadioShack will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S5 for $0 down with carrier financing or for free (regularly $199.99) with a qualifying two-year plan. This nearly $200 in savings will be available beginning at 8 a.m. on Thanksgiving. If you’re one of the first 50 customers in line at a RadioShack location, you’ll also walk away with a pair of free touchscreen gloves that you can use with your new device.

8. Kenmore washer and dryer pair – Sears
At Sears, appliances take center stage on the front page of the retailer’s Black Friday ad. You’ll find an especially deep discount on the store’s Kenmore washer and dryer pair. The 3.9-foot washer and 7-foot dryer are regularly $899.99 each (currently on sale for $549.99 and $449.99, respectively), but the pair will be sold for $799.99 beginning at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving. Prices will increase to $499.99 each after 1 p.m. on Black Friday.

9. Dyson vacuums – Kohl’s or Sears
Dyson vacuums are a popular Black Friday household item this year. Several retailers have various models of the floor care products on sale. You’ll find especially good deals at Kohl’s, where select models are 30 percent off, and Sears, where select models are $100 to $150 off. Both stores will open at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

10. GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition – Target
The GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition camera is one of Target’s doorbusters this year. The adventure-oriented camera will be on sale for $249.99 (originally $299.99). Plus, you’ll receive a $50 Target gift card upon purchase. If you want this camera, get to your local Target early, as quantities are limited. Doors open at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

11. Jawbone UP24 – Best Buy
Fitness wristbands and activity trackers are all the rage. This Black Friday, you can get the Jawbone UP24 wristband for $79.99 (regularly $129.99) from Best Buy. Not only is this a savings of $50, but it’s also a better deal than Kohl’s, which will be selling the activity tracker for $99.99. Best Buy’s doors open at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving, but deals will also be available online.

12. Women’s Boots – JCPenney or Sears
Black Friday isn’t all about technology. One popular promotion this season is women’s boots for $19.99. You’ll find this sale at both JCPenney and Sears. At JCPenney, select boots for her (regularly $49.99 to $89.99) will be available for $19.99 as part of the store’s selection of doorbusters on sale when doors open at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving. At Sears, women’s fashion boots and booties (regularly $39.9 to $59.99) will be sold for $19.99. Here, doorbusters will begin at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

13. DVDs – Wal-Mart
Sure, you’ll probably spend Black Friday crossing off the big items from your list, but don’t forget about picking up some stocking stuffers, too. In Wal-Mart’s Thanksgiving Day sale beginning at 6 p.m., there will be hundreds of discounted movie titles to choose from. The selection includes over 214 DVDs for $1.96 each and over 113 Blu-ray discs for $3.96 each.

14. Toys – Toys R Us
Regardless of the toy you (or your child) may be eyeing, you’ll likely find it at Toys R Us. The retailer is selling over 200 doorbusters this year, and a variety of toys will be 50 percent off. Toys R Us will open at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

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